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What Wakes You? North Carolina Retreat

Would you like to re-ignite with your true, essential self and restore to wholeness? 

Have you become numb to the everyday stressors in life?

Do you remember what connects you to happiness?

The wisdom within is ready to AWAKEN!!!

You are personally invited to join us for a
Blue Ridge Mountain retreat tapping into Mother Earth, the Self and the Divine.

Join Alyson Hawkins & Kim Depasquale as they guide you back to the heart where all the answers reside.
Each day offering you the opportunity to grow deeper within the self.
Begin with the roots and reach for the sky…
Daily activities include yoga, meditation, forest bathing, free writing, hiking, fire gatherings, horse back riding, sound healing, vegetarian food and some special surprises.

Intuitive readings will be offered for each participant while immersed in divine energy, guiding you back into Oneness.

Now is the time to AWAKEN and raise your vibrational frequency!

While soaking in a mountain view with an array of fall colors this retreat is an amazing opportunity to re-connect to your inner light before you get lost in the approaching holidays.
The best gift…from you…to you. 
Giving is Receiving!

Retreat located near Asheville NC
Fly into Asheville airport…40 minute drive to retreat from airport
Allegiant air offers fare discounts
INVESTMENT $888 DEPOSIT $500 DUE BY 9/1 includes all room, board and classes. (extra excursions available for additional fees)
All room double occupancy - bring a friend. 
Space is limited.

Alyson holds a masters degree in mental health counseling with over 25 years working with people in the field. She has a strong faith and also works as a holistic wellness coach, intuitive, meditation teacher, reiki master, is a public speaker and writer. She has a deep love to connect people back to nature for believes nature truly is one of our best healers. She enjoys working with individuals and with groups. She has an 8 week course she offers to women guiding them to discover where they are “stuck” and how rather to live from their truthful heart. Throughout the year she leads many women’s groups, daily or weekend retreats, yoga classes, and weekly beach meditation classes. She is committed to her own growth as and individual, teacher and mother. She has learned from many Native American teachers, shamans, spiritual and religious teachers and believes each person has their own lesson to learn and grow with.
Alyson is a lover of nature, animals, is an advocate for the environment, health issues and animals. Has run her own 501c-3 non profit helping families in need in the community for 7 years. She is also a mother of three and married over 20 years and cherishes her quality time with them. Her mission in life is to guide and inspire others to connect and discover within themselves the divine light and love they truly are as God created them to be! 


Owner of Breathe Salt Yoga Kim is ecstatic to share her passion for yoga.  You can find her practicing on land or at sea.  One of her favorite quotes  is by Bernie Clark “Use the postures to get into the body. Do not use your body to get into the postures. “

Kim feels yoga is a sacred tool that teaches us how to connect with body, mind and breathe.  Most importantly it teaches how to flow through life gracefully.  She  believes yoga helps us find that natural current within ourselves that radiates love and light.   Kim is certified in Kundalini and draws inspiration from many teachers.  She is an E-RYT teaching yoga since 2005.   Kim’s classes inspire, connect and motivate students to be aware of a connection with nature and the natural rhythms of our planet and the elements. She blends Kundalini within her vinyasa and yin teachings.    She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and married 18 years.    Kim helps guide people to tap into their inner fire so they can burn bright instead of burning out.