Breathe Salt & Yoga: Yoga Class Descriptions


Power Flow


This power vinyasa flow is held in a room heated to 95 degrees.This energetic class is 75 minutes, beginning with stretching and leading through many vinyasa flows. This class is set to music and offers students a safe environment to challenge themselves. Teachers are here to help with arm balances, inversions, or any posture you are working on. Each class offers an inspiring message and is the perfect way to begin or end your day.

Power Hour


This power vinyasa flow is held in a room heated to 95 degrees. Similar to our Power Flow this invigorating class offers an hour of energetic vinyasa flows focused on breath and alignment. Our teachers will be leading you through postures and sun salutations set to music leaving you feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

Yoga Sculpt


Yoga sculpt is a vinyasa yoga class taken to the next level.  Set to high energy music you will experience an opportunity to blend grace and strength by incorporating weights and strength training exercises with traditional asanas. This class will leave you feeling sweaty, strong and accomplished.


This stretching class is for all levels and is held in a warm room, heated to 85 degrees. Yin is designed for students who want to improve their flexibility and release tension. Our teachers offer a restorative practice with soft music to allow for deep relaxation. This class is an excellent compliment to any yoga practice. We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing; we offer mat and towel rentals.

Slow Flow


Slow & strong moving session that flows with the pulsation of the breath. The instructor will lead you through a slow groove that is in a warm room at 85 degrees. Moving deliberately and patiently through the class will help you find a great appreciation for the postures.   Connecting with the energy of all the elements helps find your own internal rhythm.  This creative and rich sequence is designed for all levels.  Students will also experience mantra, movement and meditation all pulsing together.

1/2 Primary Series


1/2 Primary Series class follows a dynamic sequence of poses designed to stretch, strengthen, and detoxify your body. Expect to sweat and be challenged! Some hands on adjustments will be offered.