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Asana & Acupuncture -3rd Chakra Manipura Chakra

  • breathe salt yoga 287 East Indiantown Road B-4 Jupiter, FL, 33477 United States (map)

Asana & Acupuncture
Kim Depasquale and Dr. Bella, Agape Healing Arts

 3rd Chakra Manipura Chakra Fire It Up
2hr Yoga & Acupuncture session

When: December 17 , 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Where: Breathe Salt Yoga

Investment: $45

We are so excited to be continuing our series of this Yoga-Puncture session.    It combines the principles of two ancient healing and lifestyle systems to bring health & harmony at the outer body and inner energetic levels. Yoga and Acupuncture work in a symbiotic way using different techniques to alter energy flow through the body at the physical and subtle level to manage flows to the organs and tissues they manage. This workshop was inspired by the benefits experienced from receiving acupuncture following a yoga practice.

What to expect: This unique workshop combines Yoga techniques and Acupuncture (hair thin needles placed at strategic points on the body to address modern day health concerns) to deliver you to the ultimate place of rest & repose. You'll be guided to open the body through movement and breath work. Kim will guide a delicious Yin practice focus on the 3rd chakra. 

During the final restorative pose, Dr. Bella will offer acupuncture for all. The needles are left in for 20 minutes while you are guided thru meditation. 

Since this chakra plays such a fundamental role in self-confidence, an imbalance in the third chakra can cause many problems. Some common symptoms of a blockage include:
Low self-esteem
Inability to set or maintain boundaries
Lack of self-control
Depression or anxiety

The solar plexus chakra is also important for physical health. It is closely tied to digestive health, but a blockage can cause an issue with other systems as well. Common physical symptoms of a blocked third chakra include:

Poor digestion, gas, nausea
Asthma and other respiratory problems
Organ problems, especially in the liver and kidneys
Nerve pain and fibromyalgia
Difficulty gaining or losing weight
Come allow your inner fire to burn steady  as we couple with yoga,aromatherapy, sound and vibrational healing.  You will fall into a state of deep rest balancing you within. Needles will be removed before reawakening the body with stretch and breath. We will conclude in an upright meditative seat.

Advance registration is requested.